Cardiac & pulmonary
rehabilitation education
that works!


Cardiac & pulmonary
rehabilitation education
that works!


Cardiac events are life-changing

While acute medical management is critical, cardiac and pulmonary rehab provides the education and exercise training that are essential to changing long-standing behaviors. What is one key factor in preventing patients from relapsing into unhealthy behaviors after rehab?

Retaining and applying the knowledge they’ve gained. This is why we created The Intelligent Option.

What is The Intelligent Option?

The Intelligent Option is a web-based and fully referenced presentation. The content is based on research and provides cardiac and pulmonary rehab patients with critical information about:

• Nutrition
• Weight loss
• Diabetes
• Exercise
• Smoking cessation
• Anatomy and physiology
• HTN and blood pressure management
• Stress management
• Blood lipid management

How does it work?

Designed to enhance your existing education program, The Intelligent Option presentation uses over 1,200 colorful slides with the most up-to-date information to quietly educate your patients via your facility’s televisions while they exercise.

Questions are asked in a variety of entertaining and engaging ways, including true/false, multiple choice, and “Did you know?” statements, interspersed with witty quotes and beautiful images.

The presentation streams continuously, allowing patients to absorb the information they need to maintain their health.

Monitor showing animated slideshow questions about health

We know cardiac and pulmonary rehab patients can lead healthier, more enjoyable lives with the right information and education. The Intelligent Option is your partner in achieving this goal for your patients.


Standard Program

The Intelligent Option is available for an annual subscription rate of $250. The annual subscription includes over 1,200 fully-researched, fact-based slides that are automatically updated every quarter.

Customized Program

The annual subscription rate for a customized program is $800. Customization can include any information you want, such as your class schedule, logo, upcoming special events, holiday and gym hours, special lectures, staff bios, and community partners.

“Our patients frequently comment about how much they enjoy and learn from the Intelligent Option material that we have for their viewing. It is a great way for us to deliver much needed information and make their exercise experience more pleasurable.”

— Marcia Hearl RN, Conway Medical Center, Conway, South Carolina

Enhancing your cardiopulmonary rehab program