Cardiopulmonary rehab education 

that works!


rehab education
that works!


What is The Intelligent Option?

The Intelligent Option is cardiopulmonary rehab patient education, reimagined.

We offer two types of web-based learning programs to cardiopulmonary rehab facilities for use by patients:  

Education is a necessary component of all accredited cardiopulmonary rehab programs and is essential for patients to live healthier lives. Both Intelligent Option programs teach patients the critical information they need using up-to-date, referenced information. Both programs are available as annual subscriptions.

All program content is fully referenced. Sources used include  medical textbooks, peer-reviewed journals, and authoritative websites such as those maintained by the CDC, NIH, and FDA. The programs provide information about:

• Coronary artery disease 
• Blood lipid management
• Diabetes
• Exercise
• HTN and blood pressure management
• Nutrition
• Smoking cessation
• Stress management
• Weight loss

How do the Programs Work?

Each of our nine Virtual Learning Modules consists of a short video followed by a 10-question quiz. The modules cover specific topics that are relevant to cardiac rehab patients. Case managers assign specific modules based on a patient's individual needs. Patients access the modules in the gym or at home using a custom internet link provided by The Intelligent Option. The modules are written with patient-centered language and the information is presented in small, digestible pieces for easy retention. Each module ends with a 10-question quiz and the quiz results are emailed  to the patient's case manager for review. This feedback loop provides a clear way of tracking the education that has been provided to patients.

Monitor showing animated slideshow questions about health

Our Streaming Gym-Based platform includes three different presentations: one for cardiac rehab programs, one for pulmonary rehab programs, and one that combines content for programs in which cardiac and pulmonary patients are being treated in the same space. Each of the presentations has over 1,200 educational, informative, engaging slides that quietly educate your patients via your facility's televisions while they exercise. Questions are asked in a variety of ways, including true/false, multiple choice, and "Did you know?" statements, interspersed with witty quotes and beautiful images. The presentations stream continuously, allowing patients to absorb the information they need to maintain their health. This format draws patients in and, with a healthy dose of humor, keeps them engaged while they learn.

Monitor showing animated slideshow questions about health

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“Our patients frequently comment about how much they enjoy and learn from the Intelligent Option material that we have for their viewing. It is a great way for us to deliver much needed information and make their exercise experience more pleasurable.”

— Marcia Hearl RN, Conway Medical Center, Conway, South Carolina

Our Clients

Cardiopulmonary rehab programs across the country are partnering with The Intelligent Option to provide quality patient education.