Frequently Asked Questions


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Can I try The Intelligent Option before buying a subscription?
Yes. Sign up for a 30-day free trial!

What educational areas does the presentation cover?
The presentation covers a variety of topics including:

- Nutrition
- Weight loss
- Diabetes
- Exercise
- Smoking cessation
- Anatomy and physiology
- HTN and blood pressure management
- Stress management
- Blood lipid management

The presentation also contains inspirational and humorous quotes as well as beautiful photography.

What sources do you use for the information shown in The Intelligent Option presentation?
All presentation information is sourced from medical textbooks, peer-reviewed medical journals, and authoritative websites such as those maintained by the CDC, NIH, and FDA.

How do I get access to The Intelligent Option presentation?
The Intelligent Option is available on a subscription basis for $250 per year. You can begin your 30-day free trial here.

How many slides are in the presentation?
There are over 1,200 fully-referenced slides offering the most up-to-date information your patients need. The presentation runs for over four hours before looping.

How will the presentation display on my system?
The best way to see how The Intelligent Option will display is to view one of our sample presentations here.

Why is there no sound?
The Intelligent Option is designed to be nonintrusive to allow patients to interact with case managers or talk amongst themselves without distraction.

What equipment do I need to use The Intelligent Option?
The Intelligent Option requires a monitor or flat-screen television, an internet-connected computer, a cable to connect the two, a keyboard, and a mouse.

Will the presentation display on an iPhone or an iPad?
Yes, The Intelligent Option is web-based, so it is designed to run on any internet-connected device.

The presentation runs too slowly/quickly. Why don’t you speed it up/slow it down?
The pace of the presentation is designed to allow thoughtful consideration and integration of the information by most users.

I would like to add some custom slides for my practice. Can I do that ?
Yes! We can work with you to develop your own custom presentation; however, there is an upcharge in the annual subscription rates for this service.

After running the presentation for a while, my screen turns off. How can I get it to run all day?
If you find that your screen keeps turning off after a time of no usage (other than the presentation running), it’s likely the computer has gone into “sleep” mode.

"Sleep" mode is a configuration that saves power if the keyboard or mouse is not used for a period of time. For the program to run for a full day without your computer entering sleep mode, you need to change the power options. This adjustment has to be done only once. Follow the directions below to update your power options or speak with your IT department.

For computers running Microsoft Windows:
- Go to the Control Panel
- Click “Hardware and Sound”
- Click “Power Options”
- Change when the computer sleeps

For Apple Computers:
- Go to the Apple menu
- Click “System Preferences”
- Click “Energy Saver”
- Change setting on Energy Saver

For Chrome:
- Find the free extension called “Keep Awake”
- Click “enable” on this extension

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