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Heather Collins has been a PT for 31 years. Her professional experience includes hospital acute care, acute rehabilitation, outpatient geriatrics, and eight years as a case manager in cardiac rehab.  She is a certified cardiac rehabilitation professional (CCRP) through the AACVPR and is board certified as a geriatric clinical specialist (GCS) by the American Physical Therapy Association. In 2010 she received the AACVPR Innovation Award for her groundbreaking concept of providing patient education while patients exercise. Heather's broad experience has given her an expertise in the area of patient education and she is acutely aware of the importance of education in affecting lifestyle changes for cardiac patients. At the heart of her work is a passion for providing education using patient-friendly language and concepts.

Due to time constraints within our healthcare system, this information can sometimes be presented to patients too quickly, or at a level they cannot grasp.

The Origin of The Intelligent Option

Heather observed that the traditional lecture format for educating patients in cardiac rehab was falling short for many patients. She recognized that patients faced a myriad of barriers to attending rigidly scheduled lectures. Additionally, she realized that patients are a captive audience while exercising, providing an ideal opportunity to present educational material to them.  She began developing educational content, using a quiz style format to maximally engage the patients and encourage dialog and friendly competition between patients. This evolved into the original cardiac rehab streaming gym-based presentation. In 2020, when the pandemic shut down nearly all in-person programs across the country, she recognized the need for comprehensive virtual learning modules that patients could access anywhere.

Heather lives with her family in Vermont. In addition to continuing to work in cardiac rehab, she is an avid hiker, skier, cyclist, and equestrian.

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"Great tips. I go home and share the information with my family!”

— Patient, Burlington, Vermont