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Cardiac rehab education

that works!


rehabilitation education
that works!

Patients who participate in cardiac rehab programs experience a significant decrease in morbidity and mortality following a cardiac event.

The key to maintaining their new level of health is ensuring the retention of what they’ve learned about living a healthier lifestyle. The Intelligent Option is your partner in helping patients attain this goal. Fully-referenced and designed just for cardiac patients, The Intelligent Option program teaches your patients the critical information they need to learn.

Topics covered include:

Coronary artery disease 
• Blood lipid management
• Diabetes
• Exercise
• HTN and blood pressure management
• Nutrition
• Smoking cessation
• Stress management
• Weight loss

The programs are designed to be educational and engaging.  Your patients will gain the knowledge they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long-term.

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“My patients often ask for the learning station when we have the tv on during their exercise! Love the way you have beautiful "bucket list" pictures and quotes along with the education! Thanks so much for IO.”

— Sue Fabian RN, Health Promotion Department.
Mile Bluff Medical Center, Mauston, Wisconsin